Green Chromis (Chromis viridis)

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In the wild, they will be found in the Indo-Pacific region and spend large amounts of their time in protected areas such as lagoons and corals.

You will typically find them in large shoals as they are peaceful fish.

They will grow up to 4” long and are known for their vibrant shades of green. They have a slender oval shaped body with a distinctive forked tail.

A shoal of these swimming through your aquarium will provide flashes of green as the lighting hits their body.

Its popularity is due to its peaceful manner, beautiful appearance and relative ease to care for (regardless of the keepers’ experience). In addition to this, it can also make a great community fish and is reef compatible.

If you are planning to keep a group of them you must make sure you keep at least 6; this helps to prevent occasional bullying. As Green Chromis are social fish it is not recommend that you keep them on their own.

In an aquarium you will find that they are one of the most active swimmers spending the majority of their time in the middle water column.


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