If you reef in Southern California then you’ve just found one of the more unique resources for livestock and sustainable reefing in our community. Southern California Reefer is a site dedicated to finding new and initiative ways of bringing the best salt water pets to you home, office or anywhere in Southern California you want to enjoy a piece of the ocean.

We’ve built a coral auction site, so the community set the price for coral, no matter what the “trendy name” might be. You can bid to get the piece that fits your tank. Most auctions start at $9.99 or less.

We’ve built a fish quarantine facility where we work diligently to prepare your pets for long healthy lives by doing everything possible to make sure they are free from parasites before they get to you. And we’ll deliver your pets to your door step, in may cases free of delivery charges.

We’re adding a complete line of prepared foods for you underwater world, again delivered weekly to your doorstep, so you can feed your pets the best, freshest foods available today.

Join the conversation on our forum. Ask questions. Get answers. Build a sustainable underwater world for your entire family to enjoy. Becomes a Southern California Reefer!

Coral Auctions

Coral Auctions with new coral every week. Auctions start at $9.99.

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Fish for Sale

Delivered fish from our quarantined systems or directly from L.A. wholesalers.

You don’t need to go anywhere to get new fish ever again.

We’ll find the perfect fish for your reef!

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Forum for Conversation

Join the conversation and share your experiences.

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Currently all our modules require separate signups. We will eventually consolidate to one user signup. We will send you a notification when that happens.