Bullseye Snapping Shrimp (Alpheus soror)

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The Bullseye Snapping Shrimp may also be called the Blue Spot Snapping Shrimp or the Target Pistol Shrimp. The body is bright yellow/orange coloration with purple claws and a blue Bullseye dot on each side of the body. These beneficial shrimp will constantly move gravel making them excellent sand stirrers in the reef aquarium, as well as scavenging any uneaten food.

The sound it makes comes from an appendage on the pincher which moves when the pincher is opened or closed and water is ejected. The Snapping Shrimp can be easily confused with Mantis Shrimp if judged by sound only. Unlike the Mantis Shrimp, it is not harmful and will not pose any threat in the tank, with the possible exception of very small shrimp.

Unlike some other Snapping Shrimp the Bullseye Snapping Shrimp does not normally form a symbiotic relationship with gobies (e.g. Amblyeleotris or Stonogobiops), but rather is a free-living reef species.

Bullseye Snapping Shrimp thrive in environments with sand, rock caves, and dim light. If in pairs, one will often stand guard at the burrow while the other is inside. The Pistol Shrimp are intolerant of copper or high nitrate levels, but need a correct level of iodine in the water to promote proper molting.

Snapping Shrimp will accept any meaty freeze-dried and frozen foods and bottom feeder tablets, as well as scavenge for algae in the aquarium.

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